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So, you want to learn heel dancing, and you want to do it from home. While attending an in-person class is a more recommended approach for a practice of this kind, you can still achieve your goal of becoming a fabulous heels dancer by taking an online course.

To ensure you conquer the art of dancing in stilettos, we’ve gone the extra mile, delving deep into the world of online courses. Our extensive research includes insights from seasoned dancers who themselves have the experience of taking heels dance classes online from the comfort of their own homes.

What to Look for in an Online Heel Dance Class

When choosing an online heel dance class, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Instructor qualifications and experience: Make sure the instructor is qualified and experienced in heel dance. They should be able to teach you the proper techniques and help you avoid injury.
  • Style of dance taught: Choose a class that teaches the style of heel dance you’re interested in. There are many different styles of heel dance, such as Latin heels, jazz heels, and ballroom heels.
  • Format of the class (live or pre-recorded): Some classes are live, while others are pre-recorded. Live classes allow you to interact with the instructor and other students, but pre-recorded classes can be more convenient if you have a busy schedule.
  • Price: Online heel dance classes can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars. Choose a class that fits your budget.

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Some of the Best Online Heel Dance Classes

Here are some of the best stiletto dance classes available online: 

1. Heels Dance for Beginners with Kiira Harper (Steezy Studio)

The “Heels Dance for Beginners” course offered by Steezy Studio is designed for individuals who have always desired to learn how to dance confidently and sensually in heels. Led by the experienced instructor Kiira Harper, known for her work with renowned artists like Beyoncé, Janelle Monae, and Alicia Keys, this 10-day program focuses on mastering the fundamentals of dancing in heels.

Throughout the course, Kiira Harper will guide you step-by-step, starting with walking, posing, and gradually progressing to more advanced moves. Each class is designed to be easy to follow, with a natural progression from one set of moves to the next. The course also includes valuable tips and dedicated review sessions to reinforce your learning.

Steezy Studio, the platform hosting this course, offers a range of dance education opportunities, including dance fundamentals, workouts, and choreography. With Steezy Studio, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime, from some of the best dance instructors in the world.



2. Brinn Nicole Heels Dancing Membership Class (GoingInWithBrinn)

Led by Brinn Nicole, one of the best heel dancers around, this dancing course combines dance tutorials and spiritual guidance to create an oasis of personal growth and self-expression.

With a Honey B Community Monthly Membership, you’ll have access to over 130 videos, including multi-level Pumpfidence Dance Tutorials and Going In With Brinn: Spiritual Guidance Videos. Each month, Brinn Nicole adds two new videos to the portal, ensuring a continuous stream of fresh content for active Honey B Members.

And as long as you continue to be a member of Honey B, you’ll have access to the video portal, which allows you to continue to delve into the world of heel dance and embrace your inner goddess. Join Brinn Nicole in this empowering journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and personal transformation.



3. Heels Course by Sara López

Introducing the Heels Empowerment Course by the renowned dancer Sara López – the ultimate online heels experience. With her expertise in heels and kizomba, Sara López has gained a massive following of over 2 million people in the Latin dance world.

This comprehensive course is designed to help you boost your confidence, embrace your sensuality, and perfect your feminine body posture while dancing in high heels. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate dancer, Sara’s detailed instructions and feminine choreographies will enhance your performance, musicality, and technique.

What sets this course apart? It offers a money-back guarantee, reflecting confidence in its quality. With excellent reviews and testimonials, you can trust in the transformative power of Sara’s teachings. This course includes over 18 classes, and it promises to take you on a fun and easy-to-learn journey.



4. Online Heels Dance Course (City Academy)

stiletto dance classes

The Online Heels Dance Course offered by City Academy is an exciting opportunity for individuals of all levels to explore their sassy and sultry side while learning to confidently pose, walk, and strut in heels on the dance floor. City Academy Online, a renowned creative and performing arts academy in London, provides a diverse range of classes encompassing various artistic disciplines.

This course aims to empower participants and boost their confidence through movement, allowing them to apply their newfound skills to dance routines set to a dynamic selection of songs. The online format ensures a safe and inclusive virtual space where students receive friendly professional feedback from experienced dancers.

Throughout the course, you can expect to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, you will learn to move freely in heels, mastering walks, struts, and basic steps. Additionally, you will receive tips and tricks to foster confidence and effectively channel it through your body movements. The course will also focus on unleashing sass and sultriness through engaging and fast-paced dance routines.

To fully participate in the course, you will need a device equipped with a camera and microphone. You should have approximately 2 square meters of space available for movement and wear comfortable clothing. The tutor recommends dancing in heeled boots, which provide ankle support and stability.



5. Jazz Funk Heels Class (Beginner/Advance Beginner) – Udemy


Heels dance classes online

Discover the captivating world of Jazz Funk Heels Class (Beginner/Advance Beginner) on Udemy, a course designed to introduce you to the exciting realm of heel dance. Suitable for all levels, this course encourages self-confidence and celebrates body positivity through a fun, sexy, and sassy style of dance. Whether you’re a beginner or have some dance experience, you can join instructor Christina Mitchell and embark on this empowering dance journey.

In this course, you’ll find a supportive learning environment where no prior experience is necessary. You have the option to participate with or without heels, making it accessible to everyone. The classes consist of technical warm-ups inspired by ballet, modern, and jazz techniques, followed by choreography broken down into manageable sections. This approach allows you to focus on small portions of the routine at a time, enabling you to progress at your own pace. Enjoy practice sessions with music and performance-style run-throughs to reinforce your skills.

To get started, all you need are heels (no higher than 3 inches) or comfortable tennis shoes, ample space to dance, and a touch of confidence. Join the Jazz Funk Heels Class and unlock your self-expression as you embrace the joy and empowerment of dancing in heels.



6. Hip Shake Fitness Heels Dance Tutorials (YouTube)

If you need something that you can get started with right away without committing any funds initially, you can go on YouTube and learn from the Hip Shake Fitness channel. Kaleila Jordan who has so many years of experience in the dancing and choreography world is the heels dancing instructor here. She has performed alongside top artists like Nicki Minaj, T.I., Usher, and Pharrell Williams, so you can be sure she has the know-how when it comes to heel dancing.

If you find her free videos on youtube great, then you can sign up for a membership that comes with a 7-day free trial to get even more of her. So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing heels and let Kaleila take you through an adventure filled with creativity and self-expression!



FAQS On Heel Dancing

What is heel dance?

Heel dance is an energizing type of dance that involves combining elements of jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and burlesque. Performed while wearing high heels, this art form centers on body control and incorporating gentle moves such as posing, walking, strutting and delicate footwork into the routines. It’s a sultry experience full of fluidity and sensuality for those daring enough to try it!

Who started the heels dance?

The exact origins of heel dance are unclear, but it is believed to have originated in the United States in the early 1900s. It is thought to have been influenced by other dance styles, such as jazz dance and ballroom dance.

What are the benefits of heels dance?

Heel dance is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. It is a fun and expressive form of exercise that can help you build confidence and express yourself. Heel dance can help you improve your cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility, balance and coordination, and posture. It can also help you reduce stress, connect with your body, and meet new people.

What to expect in a heels class?

Here are some things you can expect in a heels class:

  • Warm-up: The class will start with a warm-up to get your body moving and ready for dancing. This may include some basic stretches, cardio exercises, and heel-specific warm-up moves.
  • Instruction: The instructor will teach you the basic steps and techniques of heel dance. They will also give you tips on how to improve your balance, coordination, and posture.
  • Choreography: Once you have learned the basic steps, you will learn some choreography. This may be a simple routine or a more complex dance.
  • Cool-down: The class will end with a cool-down to help your body recover. This may include some stretching and gentle movements.

What clothes to wear to a heels dance class?

When attending a heels dance class, it’s recommended to wear fitted and flexible attire that allows you to move your body freely. Opt for leggings, fitted tops, or dancewear that allows your instructor to see your body lines and movements. Choose comfortable and secure heels with ankle straps, starting with lower heights if you’re a beginner. Alternatively, if dancing in heels is not required or preferred, opt for dance sneakers or supportive footwear that enables movement.

Remember to tie your hair securely and avoid wearing large or dangling accessories that may interfere with your dancing. Prioritize comfort, flexibility, and functionality in your dancewear to fully enjoy your heels dance class.

(Conclusion) Tips for Taking Online Heel Dance Classes

If you have made up your mind to start the heel dance class online, here are some tips that you can use:

  • Find a quiet place to practice. Heel dancing involves moving around, so you will need enough space to work with, without disturbing others around you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. As you’ll be moving around a lot, you’ll want to be comfortable.
  • Have fun! Heel dance is a great way to express yourself and have fun. So relax, enjoy yourself, and let the music move you.

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