10 Best Chocolate Making Classes Online (Free & Paid)

Snacking on a chocolate bar is easily one of the best pleasures in life, but have you ever had the wild thought of making your own chocolate bar? Well, with the rise of technological advancement and people’s enthusiasm to learn online, there are now many options available for those who want to take chocolate-making classes online.

In this article, we’ve borne the stress to compile a well-detailed list of the 10 best chocolate-making classes online. Whether you’re a beginner desiring to learn the basics or an experienced Chocolatier that wants to improve your chocolate-making skills, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Why Learn Chocolate Making Online

Learning chocolate-making online provides one with the opportunity to have a convenient and flexible learning schedule. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional baker, online chocolate-making classes offer a range of courses that suits all experience levels.

Additionally, online courses are usually more affordable than onsite or person-to-person classes and you can learn at your own convenient pace.

This course is most suitable for housewives, students who’re looking for a means to earn side income and even business people who want to add to their skill set. It’s a popular fact that no knowledge is wasted, so learning how to make Chocolates might be a skill you’ll want to have.

The Top 10 Best Chocolate Making Classes Online

Let’s quickly delve into the available 10 Best chocolate making classes you can find online. We’ll also provide you with every necessary detail about the course, including class duration, tuition fees, and many others. At the end of every course, you can access the direct course page via a provided link. Let’s go!

1. Chocolate Making from Scratch – Craftsy

Chocolate making class online

This comprehensive course is perfect for beginners, teaching you how to create your chocolate from scratch. You’ll learn how to temper chocolate, mould and shape it into various forms, and even make chocolate truffles.

Signing up for this course for $39.99, you get the opportunity to learn from professional Chocolatiers who’ve made a name in the Chocolate making industry.

After the end of the seven sessions of this course, you can access on-demand tutorial videos anytime. You’ll also get tons of downloadable PDF resources to guide you and long-term access to Q&As to test your efficiency. The course includes 6 lessons and runs for approximately 4 hours.

To get started on this course, click the link below to begin a journey into this comprehensive and detailed class on chocolate making.



2. Chocolate Making Course by Master Chef – Udemy

Best Chocolate Making Classes Online

This beginner-friendly course covers all aspects of chocolate making, including tempering, moulding, and decorating. You’ll also learn how to make chocolate bars, truffles, and bonbons. You get the opportunity of learning from renowned and certified Chocolate makers from several countries.

The course includes 1.5 hours long on-demand tutorial videos, and 27 downloadable educational resources, and you get lifetime access to the course even after your completion. This course can be accessed on mobile phones and TV. Your tutors will give you assignments to test how you’re faring. At the end of the course, you’ll be awarded a globally recognized certificate.

Currently, there are over 300 students who have signed up for this beginner’s course. You can be a part of them too. Click the link below to get started.



3. Chocolate Making: From Bean to Bar – Skillshare

Best Chocolate Making Classes Online

Skillshare is an internet-based learning community where you can take classes to improve your skills on a chain of topics. Their Chocolate Making: From Bean to Bar class is taught by expert chocolate makers and founders of Raaka Chocolate, Peter Gray and Nate Hodge.

This brief but interesting class is perfect for chocolate lovers who want to learn what to look for in the perfect cacao concoction, how to identify useful ingredients and flavors, and even how to make savory homemade chocolate for your own consumption or commercial purpose.

The tutors broke down the process into easy steps that anyone can do at home: selecting your beans, cracking and separating the beans, grinding them, tempering, packaging, and most importantly, tasting!

At the end of this class, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the world’s favorite sweet treat, and ultimately, delicious chocolate that you made personally.

5000+ students have signed up for this free class with over 7 projects to undertake. You can take that first step into kick-starting your journey in the world of chocolate making.



4. Chocolate and Confectionary by World Pastry Champion – Udemy

Chocolate cooking classes

Another Udemy course that offers a comprehensive learning experience on the art of chocolate and confection making, presented by a World Pastry Champion. It consists of 10 world-class recipes that utilize various techniques and skills in creating delicious and visually stunning chocolate and confectionery treats.

Throughout the course, you will be exposed to the science and art behind the craft of making chocolates and confections. You will learn the importance of using quality ingredients, the proper techniques for tempering chocolate, the science behind creating ganaches, and the skills required to make a perfect batch of pate de fruit.

Furthermore, this program will teach you how to create visually appealing chocolate and confectionery treats that can be replicated easily in your home kitchen or a professional bakery. You will learn the skills needed to make molded chocolates, pralines, and gummies, as well as other confections like Pate de Fruits.

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the art of chocolate and confection making, whether you are an amateur baker or a professional looking to enhance your skills.



5. Chocolate Making Course – Ecole Chocolat

Chocolate Making Course

Ecole Chocolat is a highly regarded institution in the chocolate-making world, and this online course provides a comprehensive introduction to the craft. You’ll learn about the different types of chocolate, tempering techniques, and how to create various chocolate bars.

The class is highly affordable such that you won’t need to break the bank to sign up for it. You’re also in a better opportunity to learn at your schedule. To test your efficiency, tutors give learners assignments, practicals, and quizzes from time to time.

Learners also enjoy an in-depth interactive session with tutors and their fellow learners. According to Ecole Chocolat, the average class size is 25-30 Students and this consists of students from various countries in the world.

At the end of this course, you still enjoy lifetime access to all 10 courses and bonus tutorial videos and resources. The course runs for approximately 30 hours.

Join the train of students already signed up for this class to improve their skills or even learn new things.



6. Professional Chocolatier Program – Rouxbe

How to make chocolate bar at home

Rouxbe is an online culinary school that offers professional-level training in cooking and baking. Their Professional Chocolatier Program is a comprehensive course that covers everything from tempering chocolate to creating chocolate decorations.

In this lesson, you will learn every fundamental thing about the cocoa tree and how cocoa beans are manufactured. You will learn about cocoa powder, dutching, and cocoa butter. You will learn how chocolate is processed into varieties of dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Understanding this process will help you to determine the standard quality of chocolate and the necessary stuff to look out for when reading the ingredients on chocolate packages, as well as understanding what the percentage means and if it was properly added. Finally, you will be able to identify your preferable Chocolate type by simply tasting varieties of chocolate bars.

This program includes over 150 hours of video lessons and personalized feedback from instructors. With over 10 learning modules and 1 quiz, you’re sure of knowing every detail about the basics of chocolate making.

The class is free and it promises to be impacting and easily comprehensive. Click the link to get started.



7. Mastering Chocolate – MasterClass

chocolate making classes online

The MasterClass – Mastering Chocolate course provides a unique experience for those who want to gain expertise in the art of making chocolates. With instruction from Dominique Ansel and other esteemed chocolatiers, you’ll learn about the history of this popular treat, about tempering chocolate, and about creating a variety of chocolate desserts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, this course has something for everybody. The materials are designed to be accessible and easy to follow and provide an opportunity to connect with fellow students who share your love of chocolate-making. So don’t wait any longer – get started today!



8. From Bean To Bar: Understanding Chocolate Basics – ChefSteps

Making of chocolate

ChefSteps is well-known for providing great recipes and cooking techniques, especially related to chocolate. For those interested in learning the craft, they offer an extensive range of courses on chocolate confections. Beginners can start with their basic course or opt for the more advanced one if they have prior experience. The course includes a step-by-step video guide, recipe PDFs, and other learning materials which are all taught by experienced chefs. To get started immediately, try out the free trial that lasts 14 days or make a one-time payment of $19.



9. Chocolate Making Courses – Chocolate Academy

Sign up for the Gourmet Chocolate Academy and join an exclusive group of students learning from the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable chocolatiers. Benefit from the comprehensive curriculum, covering topics including the history of chocolate, the science of chocolate making, techniques for tempering and creating truffles, ganaches, and other confections, as well as pairing chocolates with wine and other beverages. The course is fully online so you can learn at your own pace from any location in the world. Interact with like-minded classmates and receive guidance from our expert instructors. Enjoy a structured curriculum tailored to your needs – whether you are a beginner or an advanced chocolatier. Unlock the secrets of chocolate making in no time!



10. Advanced Knowledge on Chocolate Making – CakeFlix

CakeFlix is an online learning platform with a wide range of cake decorating and baking courses. They also offer several chocolate-making courses, including courses on making truffles, moulding chocolate, and creating chocolate decorations. The courses are taught by professional chocolatiers and include step-by-step video lessons.

At the end of this course, you’ll be awarded a certificate. You also enjoy lifetime access to tutorial videos, lessons, recipes, and PDFs.

CakeFlix also avails one the opportunity to learn how to bake cakes and make other pastries too.

Start learning today!


In conclusion, online chocolate-making classes are a wonderful way for chocolate lovers and aspiring chocolatiers to learn new skills and techniques from the comfort of their own homes. With the wide variety of classes available online, including those offered by some of the world’s most renowned chocolatiers, it’s easier than ever to master the art of chocolate making. From beginner-level classes to advanced workshops, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby or pursue a career in chocolate making, these top 10 best chocolate-making classes online can help you achieve your goals and satisfy your sweet tooth. So go ahead, sign up for a class, and discover the joy of creating delicious chocolates in your kitchen!