5 Best Lace Frontal Classes (Free & Paid)

Are you an ambitious wig-maker seeking to elevate your craftsmanship and master the art of lace frontal application? Lace frontals have revolutionized the world of wigs by providing a seamless, natural-looking hairline that can transform any hairstyle. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fervent enthusiast of wig-making, acquiring the intricate skills involved in working with lace frontals is crucial for creating stunning and lifelike appearances.

Luckily, the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for learning and honing your abilities in the comfort of your own environment. With various online courses available, specialized guidance, tips, and techniques from industry experts who excel in lace frontal installation are within reach. In this informative blog post, we unveil five of the best online lace frontal classes that guarantee to equip you with knowledge and expertise that will enable you to create immaculate installations.

Therefore, if you’re eager to take your wig-craftsmanship skills to new heights, come along as we explore the world of virtual learning and discover premium courses that promise to nurture your potential and give life to your imaginative wig creations beyond ordinary limits!

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Top 5 Lace Frontal Classes Online

1. Lace Frontal Class by Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts (Paid)

The “Lace Frontal Install Online Class” offered by the Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts is a comprehensive training program that teaches participants how to properly install and apply lace frontals.

The course covers various techniques such as knot plucking, glue application, and maintenance/removal of the frontal. Students will learn tips, tricks, and recommended products for achieving a natural look.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of completion. A kit is not included in the class fee, but students can purchase their own supplies. The lace frontal installation class is held monthly, and participants must be prepared to actively participate.

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2. Felicia Ducasse Frontal Wig Installation Class (Free)

In this free wig frontal installation course, Felicia Ducasse, a wig professional, gives a comprehensive tutorial on her YouTube channel on how to pluck, customize & get a frontal wig ready for Installation.

The tutorial covers various steps involved in customizing the wig, such as plucking the hairline, bleaching the knots, and styling the baby hairs. Tools such as a spray bottle, tail comb, and tweezer were used for the customization process.

Felicia begins by wettting the hairline, separating the baby hairs, and plucking behind the hairline to create a natural-looking part. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of not plucking too much hair to avoid bald spots.

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3. Papachichi Style Frontal Wig Installation Class (Paid)

This course, taught by Mary Adekoya, a successful wig artist with over a decade of experience and a 7-figure business, aims to share insider secrets on mastering the art of wig application. Participants will learn knowledgeable wig application techniques and receive profitable marketing advice.

The intensive 7-hour course covers various topics, including bleaching knots, customizing frontals, choosing the right glue, client consultations, lace tinting, lace cutting, wig application methods, styling, and finishing. The course also includes bonus sessions on attracting and retaining clients, building a social media following, tripling income, sourcing vendors, and marketing one’s brand. The kit provided with the course includes essential items such as a wig, tools, and materials.

Participants will receive a Papachichi Style course completion certificate and ongoing support through a private alumni group. The course is taught through practical sessions, live demonstrations, and feedback assessments. Opportunities for future employment with Papachichi Style may be available, and students are encouraged to take pictures during demos. Pricing options include paying a non-refundable deposit or securing a student discount with a valid student ID.

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4. The Pink Print by AJ’s Doll House (Paid)

The Pink Print by Aj’s Doll House is offering exclusive one-on-one hands-on training for lace wig installation. This class is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners in the beauty industry. The instructor, with 4+ years of experience and attending classes by industry professionals, provides comprehensive knowledge about hair, beauty, and business.

The class covers customization, foundation preparation, installation techniques, styling, and business tips, and offers long-term support. Students can choose between the Simple Package and Elite Package, which include essential items for successful lace front installation. A deposit is required, and a model is needed for the hands-on training. The kits provided contain various tools, products, and exclusive merchandise.

By joining this class, participants gain the skills and confidence necessary for a successful career in lace wig installation.

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5. TheChicNatural LACE WIG INSTALL (no glue!) (Free)

In this free class, you will learn how to easily install a lace wig. The  TheChicNatural demonstrates a step-by-step process for installing a wig without the need for adhesive or gel. The video also showcases the use of a pre-plucked wig and provides tips for achieving a natural look, such as trimming the lace, adjusting the elastic band, and using concealer to enhance the parting. Additionally, the tutorial includes techniques for styling the edges and maintaining the wig throughout the day.

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Lace Frontal Classes (Conclusion)

In conclusion, this article showcases the significance of lace frontal classes for wig-makers and the accessibility of online learning in acquiring the necessary skills. It highlights a range of paid and free courses, as well as YouTube tutorials, each offering unique techniques and expertise in lace frontal installation. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, these classes promise to enhance craftsmanship and enable the creation of seamless and natural-looking wig installations.


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